Play Amirelia

Grab a controller, or two, and a friend. Share and explore the playful space of Amirelia. No controller? Keyboard works too.

For Fullscreen, right-click the player and select “Go Fullscreen”

This game demo can be downloaded as and executable.  [Windows / Mac]


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Please leave your thoughts about the game in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “Play Amirelia

  1. Maybe I am new to the domain, but I am not able to start the game using the keyboard. A kid might, but I am not. Should I feel stupid or there is something you guys can work upon ? :)

    • Hi Harshit,

      Thanks for the feedback! If you are on the starting screen, try clicking in the game window and then pressing enter to start. If you’re at the New Game screen, simply move both players onto the words “New Game” to begin.

  2. hi!
    i can’t seem to use my PS2 controller to control the ‘guys’.
    when i’m in-game, i can use any button on my controller to skip the first screen and actually start the game, but then i can only use WASD and arrow keys to move the guys. my analog sticks are unresponsive.
    so my controller does get recognized, but my analog sticks are not working.
    any suggestions?

    also, i think there’s a little bug that stops you from progressing.
    where you have to ‘align’ 3 small ‘leaves’, which will push 2 smaller areas up against the ‘main’ area; it looks like the upper part should allow the ‘purple stuff’ to flow through, but it stops at the border between the two areas.

    anyway; a fun little game, i was impressed by the music.

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